Hunter Hastings
Hey Maggie!
Wed May 27, 2015 22:24

Hey Maggie! I totally relate to you. I have some experience, but I am looking forward to learning more about students with Autism and how to teach them best. I want to go in to teaching with the knowledge of how to give them what they need and I hope this course helps in preparing us to do that!

  • Maggie's Introduction - Maggie Horne, Wed May 27 20:52
    Hello everyone! My name is Maggie Horne and I am a senior Special Education major, General Curriculum. I began working with students with disabilities when I was in high school and specifically... more
    • Hi Maggie - Britt Hatcher, Wed May 27 23:09
      It is so good to hear that others are excited as well about learning ways to better teach our future students and give them the best education!
    • Hey Maggie! - Hunter Hastings, Wed May 27 22:24
    • Hi Maggie! - Nicholas Flippen, Wed May 27 21:34
      Hey Maggie! Your experience with students that have ASD will be a great asset to you in the future. Like you, I have not had the opportunity to work on literacy with students that have ASD. I'm... more
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