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Karley Ingold
Re: Amy Hildebran Introduction
Wed May 27, 2015 22:52

Hey Amy,
Thats awesome that you have had such close experiences with family members and I'm sure your involvement with them will be beneficial to your teaching in the future. I am in a music fraternity here at Appalachian so I really appreciate those that are musically gifted. To be able to play as your younger cousin does makes me very jealous of her skill. It is so interesting and rare to see talent like that. I'm sure you have lots of stories that would offer more insight to personal relationships with people with autism that some of us haven't had the opportunity to experience. Thanks for sharing!

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    I am currently in the Elementary Education Distance Education program through Appalachian at CCC&TI going in to my senior year in Fall 2015. I am also in the 4-n-1 Master's Program for Reading. So, I ... more
    • Re: Amy Hildebran Introduction - Karley Ingold, Wed May 27 22:52
    • Re: Amy Hildebran Introduction - parsonkl, Tue May 26 18:10
      Hi Amy! That is really interesting to hear about your cousins. My uncles step-son is the same way with the guitar, and he also has ASD. It amazes me at how good he is at playing the guitar.
    • Reply to Amy Hildebran - hillaryyarbrough, Tue May 26 08:19
      Hi Amy! I am also in the distance education program at CCC&TI. Our cohort student teaches this fall. I love that there are some of us doing this program on here! That's so interesting that you have... more
    • Reply to Amy's introduction 1 - Angie Helton, Mon May 25 12:21
      Hi Amy! I find it amazing that your older cousin is able to remember so many details about birthdays and such and that your younger cousin is able to pick up on a song and 'play by ear'. I can't do... more
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