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K. Madison Broome
Wed May 27, 2015 23:10

Hey Hunter! I'm sure your experience this summer will be so beneficial and insightful! What a great opportunity!

  • Hunter's Introduction - Hunter Hastings, Wed May 27 22:14
    Hi! I'm Hunter Hastings. I am a Senior at App, studying Special Education with a concentration in Adapted Curriculum. I have worked with students back when I was in high school. Working with these... more
    • Adapted Curriculum - carsleymm, Sat May 30 12:12
      Hi Hunter. I majored in adapted curriculum, too and really enjoy working in that setting. I took the Praxis II for general curriculum, too. It was worth it to have a broader license :-).
    • Reply to Hunter Hastings - hillaryyarbrough , Thu May 28 10:55
      That sounds like so much fun to be working there this summer. I'm sure it will be a great learning experience. I can't wait to hear more about your experiences working with children on the autism... more
    • Re: Hunter's Introduction - Karley Ingold, Wed May 27 23:28
      Hey Hunter, I am also unaware of what a respite care center. I wonder if you could offer some insight as to what you will be doing there over the summer? It seems at if you will be getting some hands ... more
    • Reply - K. Madison Broome, Wed May 27 23:10
    • Hey Hunter! - Allison Power, Wed May 27 22:33
      I'm going to be very honest, I have no idea what a respite care center is! So I'd love to hear a little about what it is and what you do there. I bet you have some good stories to tell about your... more
      • Answers! - Hunter Hastings, Wed May 27 23:40
        Yeah sorry about that! Respite care essentially provides parents that have children with disabilities with a break. So essentially I will be working with children that have disabilities in a day... more
        • Hunter - Allison Powers, Thu May 28 09:25
          That's awesome! I'm sure the parents appreciate it more than they can even express to you guys. It also sounds like it would be a ton of fun!
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