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Britt Hatcher
What is that
Wed May 27, 2015 23:14

Hi Sarah! I have seen many post about the Adapted Curriculum, what is that? You already have some great experiences with people who have special needs already.

  • Sara's Introduction - Sara Pappas, Wed May 27 16:46
    My name is Sara Pappas. I am currently a recent graduate from Appalachian State with a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education- Adapted Curriculum. I am now pursing a Master's through the 4+1 ... more
    • reply - rognstadgr, Fri May 29 12:59
      That is so cool you interned with TEACCH! I always thought that would be a great place you work. Did you like your experience there? I would love to hear more about it!
      • TEACCH - Sara Pappas, Mon Jun 1 14:10
        TEACCH was an awesome experience and I would recommend anyone who lives in the area of one of their locations to intern or work if possible. The hands-on interaction I got with parents, teachers and... more
    • Reply to Sara Pappas - hillaryyarbrough , Thu May 28 10:58
      That's very interesting that you've had the experience of working in self-contained classrooms. I'm sure you learned a lot from those experiences. I haven't learned anything about self-contained... more
    • Re: Sara's Introduction - Karley Ingold, Wed May 27 23:37
      Hello Sara, I am very interested in learning what this TEACCH program is and what the acronym means. It seems as if you have found your calling and are really starting to get experience and hands on... more
      • Re: Sara's Introduction - Sara Pappas, Mon Jun 1 14:34
        Het Karley! I would love to tell you about TEACCH. It stands for Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication Handicapped Children but I think they aren't using that as much of a... more
    • What is that - Britt Hatcher, Wed May 27 23:14
    • Tell us about your future plans - Brooke Hardin, Wed May 27 23:04
      Sara, it sounds like you have had a fairly good amount of experience with ASD. Based on your experiences, do you have a preference for what kind of school in which you work? Do you prefer elementary, ... more
    • Hi Sara! - Allison Powers, Wed May 27 22:26
      Hi Sara! Im curious about the TEACCH clinic you worked at. I think I've heard of that before but I don't really know what it is. Can you tell me a little about it?
    • Sara's Introduction - Maggie Horne, Wed May 27 20:57
      Hey Sara! So glad you are taking this class. I admire how much you love your students and how passionate you are about the special education field. I can not wait to hear your input in our future... more
    • Hey Sara - Navila Castro, Wed May 27 19:59
      Hello Sara, what would you say are the differences between working with the different age groups in special ed. I am a senior and would like to work with elementary age students when I graduate but... more
    • Sara reply - hinesjd, Wed May 27 18:46
      Hi! Your years of experience with ASD is awesomne. I look forward to hearing what you have to say this month!
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