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Brooke Hardin
More about the library
Wed May 27, 2015 23:20


It's great to meet a Cleveland Co. native! I think the experience you and your students had with librarians is common. However, I saw the book selection process as an opportunity to form a relationship with the ASD students in my school. They were a small group and my assistant and I were able to spend one-on-one time with many of them. It took effort on my part to talk to their teacher in order to learn what topics interested them. From there, I would show the student where books on a particular topic (Ex. submarines) were or go ahead and pull several prior to the library time. In addition, a couple of the students wanted to keep their books longer than the allowed time or vice versa - wanted to switch immediately after looking at all of the pictures. This required patience and flexibility on my part - something many librarians may not possess. I also ordered tons of Ebooks and audiobooks for my ASD students. Many of them liked reading from an iPad or listening to a book, so this was essential to providing material they wanted to use.

  • Re: Introduction - Chelsea King, Tue May 26 14:07
    Brooke, first let me begin with saying that I grew up in Kings Mountain and graduated from Kings Mountain High School, so the area you have taught is very close to my heart. It's interesting that you ... more
    • More about the library - Brooke Hardin, Wed May 27 23:20
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