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Karley Ingold
High School Friend
Wed May 27, 2015 23:47

Well while he was very smart he did sometimes struggle in class with understanding directions and would ask a lot of questions sometimes because he would become unfocused and not pay attention. My teachers created a system where he was allowed three questions per class and this helped him stay focused and also encouraged him to think independently and figure certain things out for himself. Despite his attachments to family members and routine, he went away from home to go to college and is pursuing a degree in chemistry. I think over-all many of my teachers may not have been trained specifically on how to teach students with autism, but found ways to make the classes inclusive and rewarding for my friend.

  • Tell us more about your friend - Brooke Hardin, Wed May 27 23:11
    Karley, it's great that you have some personal experience with ASD and a context in which to apply the strategies and issues we discuss in the course. Can you tell us more about your high school... more
    • High School Friend - Karley Ingold, Wed May 27 23:47
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