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Cynthia Trickel
Special skills
Thu May 28, 2015 07:52

I have had many years of teaching experience with all grade levels, however my only experience with kindergarten was as a special ed resource teacher. I found that it takes someone with special skills such as yourself to teach full time in a kindergarten classroom. I applaud you for the gift of knowledge you are bringing those young students.

  • Hello - Nicole Cornacchio, Tue May 26 15:47
    My name is Nicole Cornacchio and I am completing my Masters in Reading Education this summer through ASU. I am finishing up my 3rd year as a kindergarten teacher at Balls Creek Elementary School in... more
    • Special skills - Cynthia Trickel, Thu May 28 07:52
    • reply to Nicole - Kelly MacDonald, Tue May 26 22:58
      That is so cool that you are teaching while taking this class and you get to apply your direct experience to what we are going to learn. It is also helpful that you know how to help struggling... more
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