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Angie Helton
Reply to: Britt Hatcher Introduction
Thu May 28, 2015 08:45

Hi Britt,
I sooo agree with you about being excited about learning more about how to help struggling students overcome challenges they face to learn to read and write because of ASD. As you know, my 20 year old, Makaela, has ADHD and she has had to overcome many challenges throughout her life, and still has many more to face. It's difficult on her, as well as me and Billy. I think this class would have been very helpful for me, 'back in the day', so I maybe could have helped her more. Although ASD and ADHD are not the same, from reading the articles this week, I see a few similarities.
I'm looking forward to another class with you this semester!! Give that beautiful baby girl a kiss and hug from me!

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    I am an Undergraduate distance education student studying at the Caldwell Campus. This fall I will begin my senior year! I am very excited that I am at this point, and I am kind of sad that it is... more
    • Reply to: Britt Hatcher Introduction - Angie Helton, Thu May 28 08:45
      • Angie - Britt Hatcher, Sat May 30 00:08
        I think that although they are not the same that there are going to be some great things that you can take away and apply. I gave her lots of kisses :D
    • Hey Britt! - Nicholas Flippen, Wed May 27 17:38
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        It is very difficult. It is hard to spend time with my daughter and try to school work at the same time, but somehow I manage to do it. Many nights of little to no sleep and Starbucks is very much my ... more
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