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Jean Milton
Re: Settings
Thu May 28, 2015 08:59

I have did my first practicum in a self contained classroom for 6th-8th graders with intellectual disabilities and/or autism. I was then placed with a resource teacher for math grades 10-12 in "inclusive classrooms". I have done an internship in an after school program with mixed children K-8 and a 2nd grade inclusive .classroom

  • Settings - Cynthia Trickel, Thu May 28 07:57
    Jean, where did you do your practicum? What areas? It sounds to me that you will be getting a lot of experience given the chosen areas that you are working toward.
    • Re: Settings - Jean Milton, Thu May 28 08:59
      • Re: Settings - Jean Milton, Thu May 28 09:02
        I did* 2nd grade inclusive classroom.* I wish you could edit these after posting, but I don't see that option.
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