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Introduction Reply
Mon May 25, 2015 15:50

Hey Jordan! I am like you in that I do not have much experience with autism or teaching experience in general. I feel like I know some about autism but not enough to be an effective teacher of a student with autism. We have both graduated from ASU in Elementary Education and are continuing in the masters program. I like how you mentioned that the girl at your church had a great personality and wasn't afraid of cracking jokes or being on stage. I feel like so often we think that people with autism are more shy or frequently awkward in social situations. It is nice to be reminded that not everyone is like this and she probably had great teachers to help her learn about different social situations.

  • Introduction - Jordan Seagraves, Mon May 25 13:42
    AS you can see I am not the best with technology because I did not place my introduction where it was suppose to go. So I will post it again and hopefully in the right spot. I recently graduated from ... more
    • Re: Introduction - Jean Milton, Thu May 28 09:08
      Jordan, I am in the same boat with you in regards to experience in a classroom setting. I too have only worked with students in the context of ASU internships. Where were your internships at? Did... more
    • Introduction Reply - lavertyse, Mon May 25 15:50
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