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Jean Milton
Re: Module #1: Introductions
Thu May 28, 2015 09:15

Did any of the students you worked with at Westwood Elementary have a disability? If so, were there more with one disability than another? I have not heard of Westwood Elementary, but I think 4th grade is a pretty critical grade to work with as it is a student's second year to take standardized testing. Do you think this may have affected/impacted how students perform in the classroom?

  • Re: Module #1: Introductions - Rebecca Wiggins, Mon May 25 23:15
    I just graduated with a degree in elementary education from Appalachian State. Most recently, I student taught at Westwood Elementary School in a fourth grade classroom. I have not had any experience ... more
    • Re: Module #1: Introductions - Jean Milton, Thu May 28 09:15
    • Reply to Rebecca Wiggins - Angie Helton, Wed May 27 15:10
      Hi Rebecca! Congratulations on your graduation! I'm sooo looking forward to when my turn rolls around. :) I enjoy the 4th grade students. They are still at the really sweet state, but are beginning... more
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