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Jean Milton Reply
Thu May 28, 2015 10:06

Jean, I have thought about that a little as I have gone through my time as ASU. Growing up in Wake County, I was somewhat surprised at the schools in these more rural areas. By no means do I believe that the teachers are lacking in skill or that the students have the inability to do well, but often I saw that the lack of support at home made it more difficult for the students do to well in school. My experience in Caldwell County had a high population of hispanic (ESL) students that I did not experience in the other two counties. In Watauga County I saw a mix of families living in poverty and families who were well off in the same classroom. It made for an interesting dynamic. Bring from a large county and middle-class area, It has been an experience for me to to be in counties who were very different from what I grew up knowing.

  • Re: Sara Laverty Introduction - Jean Milton, Thu May 28 09:12
    Sara, I am interested to know what you think the dynamics are of the different counties and how they compare with one another. Do you think the areas you interned in produce different students or do... more
    • Jean Milton Reply - lavertyse, Thu May 28 10:06
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