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Learning and Choices
Thu May 28, 2015 16:33

I agree with you that it can be a challenge to decipher when a student is being defiant or when they are off-focus without meaning to be. As teachers, it is our job to make learning desirable. It is true that learning may not always be fun (aka calculus for me), but it is important in moving toward future goals. If we help our students to see how learning a particular subject or performing a particular task will direct them toward a desirable outcome, then they are more likely to be willing to do what we are asking of them. It is also important that we make sure that students know our expectations up front and know the consequences if they choose not to follow through with them. If students understand the expectation and the final outcome, they will be more likely to want to learn.

  • Re: Patience and Choice - McKenzi Davis, Thu May 28 14:39
    Sara, one thing that I've read about and learned in my other classes that focus on students with ASD is that choice is imperative for ASD students. I think that, like you said, that this gives the... more
    • Choice - Amanda Wallace, Fri May 29 09:30
      I agree, choice makes all the difference. The people that I have been around with ASD strive to have some control. Choices are usually the best way to achieve this. This may motivate them more to... more
    • Learning and Choices - luckadooso, Thu May 28 16:33
      • Re: Learning and Choices - McKenzi Davis, Thu May 28 20:47
        I've learned that goals are huge. Constant reminder of the goal, a logical consequence, and a solid rewards system works really well with ASD students. I have not seen this implemented with ASD kids... more
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