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McKenzi Davis
Re: Learning and Choices
Thu May 28, 2015 20:47

I've learned that goals are huge. Constant reminder of the goal, a logical consequence, and a solid rewards system works really well with ASD students. I have not seen this implemented with ASD kids and academics but I have with an autistic student and a behavior goal that he set with his teacher. This goal setting method was very successful. The student had a goal of raising his hand when he wanted to speak. Each time the student raised his hand he got a tally and at the end of every day if the student had 5 tally marks the child could choose a reward from the options that him and his teacher had also come up with together. If the student spoke without raising his hand he was ignored, reminded of the rule, and told that he would not be responded to unless he raised his hand. The student did not perfect the skill but there was great improvement, and I think thats a huge success for both the teacher and the student!

  • Learning and Choices - luckadooso, Thu May 28 16:33
    I agree with you that it can be a challenge to decipher when a student is being defiant or when they are off-focus without meaning to be. As teachers, it is our job to make learning desirable. It is... more
    • Re: Learning and Choices - McKenzi Davis, Thu May 28 20:47
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