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Mary Bennett reply 1
Mon May 25, 2015 16:52

You have an awesome background story Mary! A different and experienced perspective in this course will be wonderful and will help us all develop in our professional understandings about ASD. Also, I think Salisbury is a really nice place; I live in Statesville and have spent some time out that way.

  • Mary Bennett Introduction - bennettmc, Mon May 25 16:26
    Whoops, think I posted it as a reply the first time! Anyways, round 2 Hey everyone. I am sure many of you will find this surprising but I am actually not a teacher or pursuing a degree in teaching.... more
    • MC Reply - Britt Hatcher, Tue May 26 11:35
      Hey Mary Chandler! It's been quite some time since we have had a class together (Freshman year at SHS), yep, that makes me feel old! I am looking forward to another perspective of someone who is not... more
      • Re:Britt Hatcher - bennettmc, Fri May 29 13:04
        Hey Britt! I thought I recognized that name! I know we're getting so old! Glad we're getting to take this course together! Good luck :)
        • Name Change - Britt Hatcher, Sat May 30 00:06
          Congrats on your new last name! :) Loved the pics from the wedding!
    • Mary Bennett Reply - luckadooso, Mon May 25 19:03
      Hi Mary, Your experience sounds valuable and wonderful. I am sure that you learned so much during your time as a nanny! I have some limited nanny experience as well, and I have quite enjoyed it! I... more
      • Re: Luckadoo - bennettmc, Fri May 29 13:15
        Look forward to working with you too!
    • Mary Bennett reply 1 - hinesjd, Mon May 25 16:52
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