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Reply to "Comprehension Influences"
Thu May 28, 2015 21:43

I enjoyed reading this article as well. It really helped put things into perspective about why individuals with ASD act the way they do sometimes. Also, that's a great question you have. In my opinion, these charactericts play a huge role in literarcy development. In the reading, Alex was not able to understand like all the other children why the female dog actually died. This can affect him in many ways. He may not be able to answer homework assignments about the story. He may not be able to talk about the story in a way that he understands with other students. He may even be made fun of for not getting it. I don't think one characteristic is more detrimental than the other, but I do believe they play an important role in literarcy development.

  • Comprehension Influences - hinesjd, Thu May 28 21:29
    The article ôLinking Cognition and Literacy in Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder" was very interesting and informative. One of the main focuses of the article was the proposed 3 characteristics... more
    • Comprehension Influences - brawleyeo, Fri May 29 17:18
      I think these characteristics play an very important role as well. In my School-Age Language Disorders class these three characteristics were a part of several big topics we discussed in class. We... more
    • Re: Comprehension Influences - Karley Ingold, Fri May 29 10:00
      I think that all of these characteristics play a very large role in literacy development because they hinder the comprehension of what children are reading or de-coding. With every child the amount... more
    • Three Theories - Amanda Wallace, Fri May 29 09:16
      I really enjoyed this article. I had never heard of these theories, but found them very interesting. I also feel that it is important that we can address these thing in the classroom. It would better ... more
    • Reply to hinesjd- Comprehension Influences - hillaryyarbrough, Fri May 29 06:21
      I had never heard of these three theories before and you make a good point. Depending on which theory a child falls into, does this determine how we deliver instruction? There are so many... more
    • Reply to "Comprehension Influences" - bennettmc, Thu May 28 21:43
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