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Inference Response
Fri May 29, 2015 08:42

I do believe it is a difficulty when it comes to teaching inference to any student. What I noticed from my past experiences is that I start with a book that meets not only their reading level, but also their interests or background knowledge. You cannot expect any student to learn how to inference from scratch with material they have no knowledge of. So it would be wise to model a lesson with the student on inference with information that they know so that they can have that confidence in the beginning that the need to start a new strategy to them. After modeling some, slowly you can creep into new material that they can work with and have somewhat a new understanding. Once they have a hang on how to inference, than I believe they will be able to master new material.

  • The first thing that struck me in the videos and the articles was how important it is for these students to be given some choice. Choice is important for all students to be motivated and engaged, but ... more
    • RE: choice leads to motivation and comprehension - hildebranak, Sat May 30 09:42
      I think students should have a choice in what they read. I know we need to keep them on track to keep advancing with their reading skills but I think as long as a child is reading they should have... more
    • Question about choice - Jordan Seagraves, Fri May 29 17:19
      Do you think we should always provide choice or is there a time when you should buckle down and say "no we're doing this?" My thought is of course there are times when choice is needed and when it is ... more
      • choice vs required reading - catheyt, Sat May 30 20:04
        I think there are definitely times when students have to read what is required of the. It is a skill all students must have, especially in the testing culture of our schools. But I think when you are ... more
    • First - Then - Cynthia Trickel, Fri May 29 10:45
      I agree with your statement concerning choice and the effects it has on motivation. When viewing the videos, I had some concern whether or not Jordan was achieving the learning objective. He... more
      • what is first-then? - catheyt, Sat May 30 20:07
        I'd like to more hear about this approach. I'm not familiar with it. I'm assuming its first we __, then you can __ right? Jordan seemed extremely reluctant and unwilling to even come to the table,... more
    • Inference Response - whitemb2, Fri May 29 08:42
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