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Guide When Ready
Fri May 29, 2015 08:49

You ask a very good point. I have a student with ADHD right now who hates being helped because he thinks he is too good for that. So I ease him into it, and tell him that when he struggles he should ask for me, or I try to make it a game and when I see him make a mistake, I joke with him about how I know he is too smart for making a mistake like that and he should show me how to fix it. No, that is not going to work with every student, however I believe that we have to find a way that works for them specifically and understand how they want to be guided. It will take some time because it took all the school year for me to get through this one student, but when I did, now he asks if I can work with him!!

  • Guidance versus Independence - Karley Ingold, Thu May 28 21:21
    After watching some of the videos and also reading about the others through my group members I have noticed that many of the individuals wish to accomplish tasks and do things such as reading... more
    • Ready to Learn - carsleymm, Sat May 30 12:36
      This is the tricky part of teaching any student any thing...Are they ready to learn? How can I help them be ready? What is blocking them to being receptive to instruction? With some students,... more
    • Striving for Independence - Jean Milton, Fri May 29 10:59
      I think the goal for any student is to do everything independently. I agree that allowing a student to do something independently before they are ready may harm them more than help. I think that a... more
    • Independence - Amanda Wallace, Fri May 29 09:35
      These are great questions, that I haven't ever thought about before. I know the people with Autism i have been around want to have control, or be independent. This is when i think choice can help and ... more
    • Guide When Ready - whitemb2, Fri May 29 08:49
    • Readiness - luckadooso, Thu May 28 22:02
      I think that you raise some very interesting thoughts that I hadn't thought about a lot before. I think that setting guidelines for the way that reading will take place may be the best way to go... more
      • Re: Readiness - Karley Ingold, Thu May 28 22:40
        Those all seem like good ideas to me but then I also think back to what the articles say about finding that thing that the reader is very interested in and then using it as a tool to motivate them.... more
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