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Amanda Wallace
Language Deficit
Fri May 29, 2015 09:12

Thats true Hillary! I also thought that sounded high. In the article we read the groups tested were small and didn't seem to have much range on the spectrum, so I wonder if this may be where that came from. Since the children they are testing have language deficits, maybe thats why they said that.

  • Language Deficits in ASD-Module 1 - hillaryyarbrough, Fri May 29 06:15
    One thing I found interesting in the readings was the stress of language deficits in children with ASD. The second article we read titled "Patterns of Reading Ability in Children with ASD", the... more
    • Language Deficit - Sonya Summey, Fri May 29 21:09
      This is a very interesting point you have brought up. My question is, what is the definition of language deficit? I know a few children with ASD and I may not consider them to have a language... more
    • Re: Language Deficits - bennettmc, Fri May 29 12:14
      Hillary, Those are great thoughts. To say most children is a bold statement. I was not assigned this reading in my group. However, did the author have any statistics to back that statement up? I... more
    • Language Deficit - Amanda Wallace, Fri May 29 09:12
    • How do we teach Language deficit students? - whitemb2, Fri May 29 08:37
      I wonder the same thing Hillary. I do agree that that percentage seems pretty high, considering that not all ASD individuals have a language deficit. I do wonder thought, how do we teach ASD students ... more
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