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Amanda Wallace
Fri May 29, 2015 09:35

These are great questions, that I haven't ever thought about before. I know the people with Autism i have been around want to have control, or be independent. This is when i think choice can help and come into play. Maybe when a student is struggling with something, the teacher can then come in and try to help offering different choices of what they can do or how they can help.

  • Guidance versus Independence - Karley Ingold, Thu May 28 21:21
    After watching some of the videos and also reading about the others through my group members I have noticed that many of the individuals wish to accomplish tasks and do things such as reading... more
    • Ready to Learn - carsleymm, Sat May 30 12:36
      This is the tricky part of teaching any student any thing...Are they ready to learn? How can I help them be ready? What is blocking them to being receptive to instruction? With some students,... more
    • Striving for Independence - Jean Milton, Fri May 29 10:59
      I think the goal for any student is to do everything independently. I agree that allowing a student to do something independently before they are ready may harm them more than help. I think that a... more
    • Independence - Amanda Wallace, Fri May 29 09:35
    • Guide When Ready - whitemb2, Fri May 29 08:49
      You ask a very good point. I have a student with ADHD right now who hates being helped because he thinks he is too good for that. So I ease him into it, and tell him that when he struggles he should... more
    • Readiness - luckadooso, Thu May 28 22:02
      I think that you raise some very interesting thoughts that I hadn't thought about a lot before. I think that setting guidelines for the way that reading will take place may be the best way to go... more
      • Re: Readiness - Karley Ingold, Thu May 28 22:40
        Those all seem like good ideas to me but then I also think back to what the articles say about finding that thing that the reader is very interested in and then using it as a tool to motivate them.... more
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