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Karley Ingold
Re: Rebekah Brown- Module 1
Fri May 29, 2015 10:19

Personally I think that the silent reading comprehension is a major thing that needs to be mastered not just for educational purposes but for life purposes as well. If the students do not learn this concept but must read things like directions, or instructions for normal everyday use then this could be detrimental to just basic living skills.

  • Rebekah Brown- Module 1 - brownrf, Thu May 28 23:21
    Some things that I took away from my article, which was "Linking Cognition and Literacy in Students with ASD", are the three theories that could potentially explain the cognition of students with ASD ... more
    • Theories & Silent Reading - Jean Milton, Fri May 29 10:38
      I too considered the implications of each of the three theories presented that could possibly explain the cognitive processing styles of students with ASD. I remember Dr. Van Loan talking about... more
    • Re: Rebekah Brown- Module 1 - Karley Ingold, Fri May 29 10:19
      • Reading Out Loud - Rachel Caldwell, Fri May 29 12:18
        On the other side of that, if reading aloud works for them and allows them to understand what the text is saying, then would being able to read silently really be a big issue? I know for me... more
        • Silent reading argument re - Rebecca McVey, Sat May 30 23:47
          First off, Rachel, I completely agree with your statement that I read things out loud to increase understanding all the time. This is a difficult thing for me to make a decision about. Maybe I'll... more
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