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Re: Patience and Control
Fri May 29, 2015 10:30

Great ideas!
This was one of the things I brought up for the argument portion of the 4 A's for this module. Freedom is important because we don't want the students with ASD to feel like they have no control over their learning or lives, but if they care given too much it almost seems more ineffective. Obviously a healthy balance has to be found for each individual case to where the student can make literacy gains, but if I had to side, I would rather work with a student who has been given too much control than too little (ASD or not). The student who has little say in their learning will feel unimportant and will resist trying new things because the damage to the student-teacher relationship has been done. The student who has too much control may have more difficulty focusing when they are asked to do something if they do not wish to accomplish that task, but a more positive environment has been created because the student knows they have a say in their learning.

  • Patience and Control - Erica Phelps, Fri May 29 10:22
    After reading the articles and watching the videos, I realize that it takes a huge amount of patience to work with an individual with ASD. These individuals think and work differently and often at a... more
    • Reply to Erica - Nicholas Flippen, Sat May 30 16:22
      Hello, Erica! You asked some very awesome questions. I think most of us question these things. When is the control too much? How do I serve a student with ASD appropriately while also serving the... more
    • reply to Erica: patience and control - macdonaldke, Fri May 29 15:18
      I agree and also was surprised at the amount of patience and control involved, especially in the Edgar and Jordan videos. To answer your first question about the balance of accommodating the student... more
      • Re: reply to Erica: patience and control - Erica Phelps, Fri May 29 23:11
        I really like your point about students needing more control in order to take ownership of their own learning and success. I also think that choice is a crucial element in teaching individuals with... more
    • reply - rognstadgr, Fri May 29 14:22
      That is a very good question. I see what you are saying, Jordan was given most of the control when it came to this assignment. I don't know if this is correct (I would love to hear other point of... more
      • Re: reply - Erica Phelps, Fri May 29 23:22
        I like the way that you explained this. I can see how giving Jordan more control in this situation would allow him to do things in a way that made the most sense to him. This would give the person... more
      • Jordan in Control - andersenal, Fri May 29 16:59
        It's interesting that you say it could be because they were trying to let Jordan find his own way of completing the task; I had not thought about it like that. My first thought was that Jordan was... more
    • Re: Patience and Control - hinesjd, Fri May 29 10:30
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