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Jean Milton
Repetition vs. Stemming or Perseverating
Fri May 29, 2015 10:34

I wondered that too. I know that a lot of people on the spectrum have some sort of stemming, although I've only seen visual stemming, that results in repetition when speaking or doing something. I have wondered how do you balance what you know to be a student stemming with their learning. I was told by an OT and a SLP that sometimes, in their experience, that when they have observed a child stemming they are often still learning what is going on around them. They both also warned me of perseverating behaviors and when to stop those. I remember this SLP that said that the student would perseverate on the word "bilking". She said that when the student heard anything that even remotely sounded like it the student would essentially shut down and not hear or process anything around them. But the OT I spoke with said that a student would perseverate on "My Little Pony" books and if you said anything dealing with ponies the student would then begin rocking and reciting anything they knew about My Little Pony. She went on to say that if you tried to work with this student while they were doing the rocking and reciting they would do anything you put in front of them. She showed me a clip of the student in the class before My Little Pony was brought up and after, and I must say that it was interesting to watch.

  • Is Repetition bad? - whitemb2, Thu May 28 15:23
    The readings showed various test scores and data about the relationship between reading words and actually comprehending material for ASD students. One thing that caught my attention was the concept... more
    • Repetition bad? Re - Rebecca McVey, Sat May 30 23:35
      I think that a concept will stick when it is introduced in a variety of ways. For example, if a teacher is teaching silent E, they need to expose students to a number of different words that use... more
    • Reply to: Is Repetition bad? - Angie Helton, Fri May 29 22:16
      I struggle with this same question. I think that repetition is good to a point. It helps individuals 'catch on', but in some cases, it becomes memorization. I feel it is sort of the same thing as... more
    • Repetition vs. Stemming or Perseverating - Jean Milton, Fri May 29 10:34
    • Reply to whitemb2- Is Repetition Bad? - hillaryyarbrough , Fri May 29 06:43
      This brings up an interesting point. When do we know if a child is just memorizing words or if they really know them? I suppose using the words in another text will determine whether it's... more
    • Repetition=not bad - bennettmc, Thu May 28 21:37
      Like many others have said, I feel that repetition is not a bad thing. Individuals with autism often take a longer time to grasp a concept than do others, therefore repetition is a good thing because ... more
    • Is repetition bad? - Lauren Livingston, Thu May 28 21:18
      I work in a public separate school for students with moderate to severe disabilities. Repetition is an essential in my classroom because my students have difficulty recalling information that has not ... more
    • Is there thought behind it? - Karley Ingold, Thu May 28 20:37
      I think that repetition can be a very useful skill in learning new things but I think that it is imperative that the repetition have some sort of thought behind it and is not just mindless... more
      • Carl Repetition - brawleyeo, Fri May 29 17:25
        I noticed that in the Carl videos as well. I was wondering what would happen if the cards were mixed up. Like you, I felt he had just memorized the letter patterns instead of actually reading what... more
        • Re: Carl Repetition - Erica Phelps, Fri May 29 23:40
          Memorizing letter patterns is an interesting concept that I have never thought about before. I am not sure how I feel about this, but it seems like the articles think that it is a negative way to... more
          • Carl Repetition Reply - brawleyeo, Sat May 30 00:01
            Like you said, we all memorize common words because we don't decode every word we read. Once we learn what the word is from decoding, we can recognize it they next time we see it. For instance you... more
    • Re: Is Repetition bad? - lavertyse, Thu May 28 18:36
      I think that repetition of skills is good and should be done. Practicing decoding (nonwords), comprehension, inferencing, etc. skills can be done through repetition. I think that doing something like ... more
    • Re: Is Repetition bad? - hinesjd, Thu May 28 16:28
      This is a wonderful analysis of the material that entails a great question. I know it sounds a bit "cliche" to say that there is a time and place for everything, but in this instance it would be hard ... more
    • Re: Is Repetition bad? - McKenzi Davis, Thu May 28 15:55
      I do not think that repetition is necessarily bad because it can teach memorization. But is memorization real learning? If you think about math we "learn" a lot of math through methods of repetition... more
    • Repetition is tricky, I think. - luckadooso, Thu May 28 15:53
      I think that your question is very thought provoking. Repetition can be both good and bad. Repetition for the sake of rote memorization may not be the best way to learn for students, as it does not... more
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