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McKenzi Davis
Re: ASD Reading Classroom
Fri May 29, 2015 11:52

One thing that I've consistently read about and discussed with my group is the significance of a positive and tight- knit classroom environment. I think that this is important for all students so that they feel comfortable expressing their three selves in the class, but I guess even so for those students that have obvious "differences" about themselves. One thing that my group discussed in our chat was using morning meetings as a time to get the students acquainted with one another and to start each day with a positive atmosphere. I think this is a really beneficial way to establish classroom community.

  • Re: ASD Reading Classroom - Anonymous, Fri May 29 10:06
    McKenzi, I had the same question about reading aloud when reading the articles and watching the videos. Of course this would depend a lot on the student because ASD does occur on a spectrum and so... more
    • Re: ASD Reading Classroom - McKenzi Davis, Fri May 29 11:52
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