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Rachel Caldwell
Text Talk?
Fri May 29, 2015 12:24

I love how you have been able to work with your students to see that they are doing what they need to do in order for them to succeed. This is so great. How did you work with them to get to that point of feeling comfortable with reading out loud?

Also, what is a text talk? Is that what you explained with the picture and walk through of the text? In other reading classes, we have discussed how picture or chapters walk can give struggling readers a quick overview of the book while also getting to go over key vocabulary. It sounds like you have gotten to work with an amazing class and have seen results! Awesome!

  • Possible Approach - whitemb2, Thu May 28 17:29
    I can understand that students with ASD and any other disability, find it embarrassing to read while a class is in session. They always look at me funny when I ask them to read louder so that I may... more
    • Reply to: Possible Approach - Angie Helton, Fri May 29 22:31
      I like your strategy. Working in small groups seems to be what many of our schools use. It gives the students a chance to work with others, and to work with others who may be different than... more
    • Text Talk? - Rachel Caldwell, Fri May 29 12:24
    • Re: Possible Approach - Karley Ingold, Thu May 28 21:27
      I loved learning about Text Talks in my reading class this past semester so it makes me happy to hear that students enjoy them as well. i think it is a great way to involve all of the students in a... more
    • Re: Possible Approach - McKenzi Davis, Thu May 28 21:00
      Thats an awesome idea for inferencing with elementary students. I know that early aged students rely heavily on pictures so that they can understand the texts. After all, students begin reading many... more
    • Approach ideas - luckadooso, Thu May 28 19:17
      This post was very informative and gave me a lot of really great ideas! Thanks for posting. When splitting students into small groups, do you do so by ability level or just in general? I love the... more
      • Re: Approach ideas - McKenzi Davis, Thu May 28 21:06
        Yeah, a story map is something like what I was thinking to have students do in order to keep up with what is occurring in the story. But, somehow making it more than just writing down the facts of... more
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