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Reply: Jacob Hines
Mon May 25, 2015 19:11

Hi Jacob,

It sounds like you are going to be a wonderful teacher one day! I am also excited to learn about how to help students with autism in the classroom. We learn a lot about autism itself, but it will be nice to have some teaching strategies under our belts when we have our own classrooms. Also, it sounds like your friend growing up definitely was a blessing for you! I look forward to learning with you in this course!

  • Jacob Hines Introduction - hinesjd, Mon May 25 15:59
    Hello everyone! I am taking this course because I am currently working towards my Master's degree in special education as a 4+1 program member. This past semester was my first practicum placement and ... more
    • Reply to: Jacob Hines Introduction - Angie Helton, Thu May 28 09:06
      Hi Jacob, Did your friends autism inspire you to want to work in special education? I think being friends with someone who has a special need is a wonderful thing for you. You got to see his... more
    • Practicum experience - Cynthia Trickel, Tue May 26 15:05
      Jacob, It sounds like you were able to have a great experience with your practicum. It has been a few years since I worked in the classroom, however, I have had the opportunity to work with teachers... more
    • Hey Jacob! - miloshcl, Tue May 26 12:56
      How was your practicum?? You said you got a great opportunity to really work extensively with students with ASD. What age? I would love to hear more about it! My placement was with high school... more
      • Hey Jacob! reply 1 - hinesjd, Tue May 26 16:14
        Hey! My practicum was wonderful and I'm glad yours was too. I really want to work with high school kids at some point because I haven't been placed in one yet at ASU. I was in an elementary school.... more
    • Reply To Jacob - Britt Hatcher, Tue May 26 11:55
      Hi Jacob! I read in a reply that you live in Statesville, I also live in Statesville. What church do you attend? I am looking forward to the knowledge and resources that you will bring to the course.
      • Reply to Britt Hatcher's reply - hinesjd, Tue May 26 16:19
        Hey! I attended Yadkin Baptist Church off hwy. 115 for 13 years before I came to Boone. Lived in Statesville my whole life. Can't wait to hear from you this month!
    • Reply - bennettmc, Tue May 26 09:04
      Hey Jacob! Sounds like your experience with your friend from Church has taught you a lot! Also, you said you were from Statesville? I actually grew up there, but now lives in Salisbury!
    • Reply: Jacob Hines - luckadooso, Mon May 25 19:11
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