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reply to Rachel: read alouds and comprehension
Fri May 29, 2015 15:09

Hi Rachel, I thought this aspect of the content we learned so far was interesting too, especially the fact that students with ASD are able to perform at grade level when they hear the story and are unable to when they are expected to read independently. I think that read aloud could be useful in developing comprehension, but it should be recognized that listening comprehension and reading comprehension are too different things, so we should not aim to only develop listening comprehension because part of reading is comprehension while reading. One "compromise" to this is to allow them to read the text aloud to themselves, because then they are listening but also reading, so it is up to them to simultaneously read and comprehend the content. However, I am not saying that there shouldn't be any read-alouds, because there are other benefits that can support students with ASD. The class that I interned with for Block I was fourth grade, and my teacher sometimes read a book out loud and used different voices for different characters, in additional to other speech features such as fluctuation and accents. I thought of this while reading the Carnahan article because it mentioned that individuals with ASD have difficulty seeing the perspective of others in the text they read, so maybe this exercise of hearing different characters and maybe being encouraged to do this independently could support them in seeing perspectives. You also mentioned that read alouds help comprehension if they aren't paying attention, have lower comprehension abilities, or lower vocabulary. I think this could be the most effective if the teacher stops during the read aloud to check for understanding and inform the students about unfamiliar vocabulary or expressions before moving on.

  • Read Alouds and Comprehension - Rachel Caldwell, Fri May 29 12:07
    In the Smith Myles article, one of the main discussions and research focused on the differences seen in the comprehension of students with ASD when texts are read aloud versus silently. The article... more
    • Response to Rachel - Maggie Horne, Sat May 30 21:59
      Rachel, I really related to this post because many of my students were given read aloud opportunities in my last practicum placement. Many students were given read aloud accommodations and their... more
    • Read Alouds - coxdm, Sat May 30 18:21
      I like how you connected the Smith article to Carnahan article. It also stated that students with autism are lacking the ability to understand anotherís feeling and may not understand why a person... more
    • RE: Read Alouds and Comprehension - hildebranak, Sat May 30 09:37
      I think reading allowed is a wonderful way to have students comprehend better. They are hearing the actual inflection in our voices when we read aloud, so that, I think, allows for better... more
    • Read-Alouds - brigmanhd, Fri May 29 22:08
      Rachel, I'm glad that you brought this up. From my own personal experience, I had the same language arts teacher for 7th and 8th grade. This was an AIG class and she insisted on reading some... more
      • Easy Read Alouds - Rachel Caldwell , Sat May 30 18:48
        That is so great that your teacher continued to read aloud to your classes! I had the opportunity to intern in a middle school EC setting this past semester and I got to see how some of the teachers... more
    • Reading Aloud - Sonya Summey, Fri May 29 20:24
      I do think that it is interesting that after elementary school teachers do not usually read to their students out loud when it is so beneficial. I do not know if it is because teachers think the... more
    • reply to Rachel: read alouds and comprehension - macdonaldke, Fri May 29 15:09
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