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reply: concrete strategy ideas
Fri May 29, 2015 15:26

I agree and am definitely more of a "so now what" person who wants to know how what I'm learning can be actually applied to my classroom. Some of the articles mentioned several strategies to support students with ASD that address basic classroom management and organization. These included: having a visible and predictable schedule, colored folders for different subjects, bins to put completed/not completed work in, and organizing desks in a way to give each student what he or she needs to the best of our ability. One thing my group talked about was the implementations of "class meetings" to encourage positivity and communication, in which students can praise each other and also tell the teacher what they are struggling with. We also talked about the importance of seeing what students with ASD can do, rather than focusing on what they cannot, which connects to your "I CAN" statement. There is a social stigma attached to having ASD and we talked about strategies to combat that, such as discussing the challenges of the students with the class (obviously if the student and parents don't object) and then talking about accommodations or even ways that the peers can help that classroom out. I think most stigmas are fueled by fear and confusion, so education on ASD is the best way to dissolve those two emotions and create a positive classroom environment for everyone.

  • Turning theories into concrete strategies - rognstadgr, Fri May 29 14:41
    These articles and videos brought up many theories for teaching and connecting to students with ASD. I think that it is important to come up with concrete strategies to creating platforms for our... more
    • Strategies - Britt Hatcher, Sat May 30 13:43
      I think that having "I Can" statements posted for the child with ASD on their desk or wherever it maybe so that they can see those everyday is a good idea. Having a visual list of I can statements... more
    • Strategies - brawleyeo, Fri May 29 22:22
      I also love learning about different strategies to employ. I always wonder what's the best thing to do and what I can do next. I really enjoyed the Connor scenarios and classroom ideas from the... more
    • I agree! - Sonya Summey, Fri May 29 20:34
      I am right there with you. I love to learn about theories and the reasoning behind why people implement the practices that they do, as well as I would like to be able to explain the practices I will... more
    • reply: concrete strategy ideas - macdonaldke, Fri May 29 15:26
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