Kelsie Fender
Re: Quality of Life
Fri May 29, 2015 15:31

I read this article and made note of this exact phrase. "Literacy skills, especially silent reading comprehension, serve as the foundation for learning, independence, and quality of life for all individuals." To me, this is a loaded sentence. Yes, literacy skills serve as the foundation for learning, independence and perhaps even quality of life for individuals. HOWEVER, I do not believe it is fair to assume that silent reading comprehension serves all those functions. I believe as you do that it would be difficult to judge students' quality of life based on whether or not they possessed silent reading comprehension skills. This statement seems to jumping to conclusions about a students worth based on literacy skills.

  • Re: Quality of Life - Cynthia Trickel, Fri May 29 11:02
    Thank you for your comments. I was wondering if that statement caused others to stop and think... I agree that it could effect the students difficulty in functioning in certain situations, but not... more
    • Re: Quality of Life - Kelsie Fender, Fri May 29 15:31
      • reply: Quality of life - macdonaldke, Fri May 29 23:05
        I like your spin on the statement Kelsie, that reading is a foundation of quality of life, but does it necessary have to be independent reading? I can somewhat agree with the author in the way that... more
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