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Re: Hunter Hastings: Grandin/Varney
Fri May 29, 2015 15:45

I agree with you that Temple Grandin really encouraged teachers to think about the different types of learners. She really showed us how important it can be to find and teach the different thinkers in our classrooms. I love how you pointed out that Temple and Chris were successful because of themselves and the people who cared for them. This goes back to the network that needs to surround the students.

I agree most with what you said about being amazed these two have autism and how that shouldn't be the case. I remember watching Chris' video and when he said he had Aspergers thinking "wow, I would have never guessed". I felt bad thinking that, but it was true. He seemed acclimated and like an advocate who didn't have AS. I felt this way to some extent about Temple, but I have seen her movie and read about her before so I already knew she had Autism. In reality, this is how we should think about every person with autism. Like you said, we want them to be successful and shouldn't be surprised when they are. I hope to hear more success stories from students with autism.

  • Hunter Hastings: Grandin/Varney - Hunter Hastings, Fri May 29 15:00
    I watched the videos of Jordan, Temple Grandin, and Chris Varney. They all had such unique thoughts about people with Autism. I think that as a future special educator, the opinions of these people... more
    • Response to Hunter - brownrf, Sat May 30 11:40
      I definitely agree, these videos were great and the unique thoughts were interesting. I really liked when Varney said that students' learning has nothing to do with their label. I want to make sure I ... more
    • reply Grandin/Varney - rognstadgr, Sat May 30 11:01
      I agree. The experiences and successes from people with ASD are priceless. I find that most times while working with people with any disabilities it can feel like an dark endless tunnel. Hearing... more
    • Videos - Amanda Wallace, Sat May 30 09:56
      I agree, the videos in this module were very interesting and inspiring, especially Grandin's and Varney's. It was amazing to see how they think, and how far they have come with their Autism. I love... more
    • Re: Hunter Hastings: Grandin/Varney - Erica Phelps, Fri May 29 23:33
      I also felt amazed that Temple Grandin and Chris Varney had autism. While I do agree that there is a stigma and a negative connotation that comes along with autism, I also believe that it is... more
    • "I can" - Jordan Seagraves, Fri May 29 18:06
      I am also amazed and encouraged by Grandin and Varney. I really think it is important for everyone to listen to Varney's "I can." So many times we do put a label on our students and we say okay I... more
      • response to Jordan - Stacy Huffman, Sat May 30 12:44
        Jordan I too am encouraged by Grandin and Varney. Of course I always walk away after hearing Grandin feeling encouraged! I love the "I can," because yes we so often catch ourselves, even not meaning... more
    • Re: Hunter Hastings: Grandin/Varney - hinesjd, Fri May 29 17:48
      Wonderful post. I love hearing personal stories from students with disabilities. I hate that the social stigma of having a disability is so big and negative that these individuals feel the need to... more
    • Re: Hunter Hastings: Grandin/Varney - lavertyse, Fri May 29 15:45
    • RE: Grandin/Varney - Kelsie Fender, Fri May 29 15:09
      I will also admit that the first time I heard Temple Grandin speak I was amazed by what she had accomplished. I, too, realized that I should be amazed by the fact that she had done such amazing... more
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