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reply: using graphic organizers
Fri May 29, 2015 15:47

I think using graphic organizers is a really good idea to help students see the main ideas and the supporting details. Have you ever seen those "sandwich" organizers? They have sections representing each section of a sandwich that students can write on. The "meat" is the big idea and then there are sides such as lettuce, tomatoes, etc that they can fill in supporting details on. The bread is usually the intro and conclusion, so students can put the things that drew them in during the intro and the "so what?" claim of the conclusion. Having students practice and be familiar with picking out and writing down the main ideas and separating this from the details would be a great thing to do daily because it will eventually lead them to looking for the main ideas first as an instinct. To add on to this, another great aspect for a graphic organizer would be a section of "I don't know" for them to write down phrases, words, or expressions they don't understand so they can find out later to make more sense of the text.

  • graphic organizers - catheyt, Thu May 28 23:09
    I think one way to help these students to focus on the big picture is to use graphic organizers to help them visually see and organize their thinking a bout their reading. I liked the example the... more
    • reply: using graphic organizers - macdonaldke, Fri May 29 15:47
      • I don't know section - catheyt, Sat May 30 19:52
        Thats a good idea to have a section for" I don't know" s. Then after you conference with the chid there could be another section for what they learned and maybe even connections they could make from... more
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