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Kelsie Fender
Reading Comprehension Assessment Reply
Fri May 29, 2015 17:27

I hadn't thought of how this would also affect children with dyslexia. I like your idea of using thought provoking questions that wouldn't allow students to just copy answers from the text. I have found that students I have worked with tend to rely heavily on copying answers word for word from the book when they don't fully comprehend the text. I wonder if there is a way to create an assessment that could be spoken to the entire class in which they write out their answers so that it can be given to multiple students at a time. This would give the teacher more time to evaluate the individual needs of each student. Possibly after recording their answers, the students could engage in a class discussion to compare their answers to their peers. I like the idea of being able to revisit student answers over time to see mistakes they continue to struggle with and issues they are able to resolve.

  • Assessing Comprehension - brawleyeo, Fri May 29 17:00
    Last semester I worked with students with dyslexia and comprehension was also an issue for them, as they would focus on decoding certain words and lose focus on the meaning of what they were reading. ... more
    • teaching comprehension - koppenhaverd, Mon Jun 1 15:10
      I'll introduce the whole-to-part model of reading comprehension in Week #3 and show you a more systematic approach to identifying needs and teaching reading comprehension.
    • types of questions - catheyt, Sat May 30 20:22
      The types of questions used to assess comprehension is absolutely important. Asking questions that are different higher order thinking is a good way to assess the depth of a students understanding.... more
      • Types of questions - brawleyeo, Sat May 30 20:52
        I agree. What other ways could you assess comprehension without focusing so much on those higher order questions, so they would they're better able to answer them in the future?
    • Reading Comprehension Assessment Reply - Kelsie Fender, Fri May 29 17:27
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