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Jordan Seagraves
Journal idea
Fri May 29, 2015 17:29


I really like the journal idea. I believe that this is something that every student can have and will not require to much class time for a teacher, because they can read entries when students have left school. I also think that you could just have generic questions that they students should always answer as they read, such as, "what's the problem of the story and how was the problem solved?"

Another idea is for you to have mini conferences while the students are reading you may only get to half of the students in the class each day, but this way you know in a short 1-2 minute discussion on whether or not they are comprehending what they are reading. During the conferences you may want to have sticky notes that you write down questions for the student to think of while reading for the next conference you may have with them. This keeps the student reading for a purpose.

  • Comprehension Assessment Reply - andersenal, Fri May 29 16:05
    Kelsie, I think that placing students into pairs and small groups is a great way to help with comprehension, like you said. While in these pairs and groups, the teacher could have some discussion... more
    • I really like your idea of recording group discussions in order to assess comprehension. It would motivate students to stay on topic, participate, and give it their best. The only problem I find with ... more
    • Journal idea - Jordan Seagraves, Fri May 29 17:29
    • Reading Comprehension Assessment Reply - Kelsie Fender, Fri May 29 17:17
      Thank you for your input. Both of those ideas are brilliant. I think a mixture of both the recording and journaling ideas would be a great way for the teacher to assess each student without the time... more
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