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Lauren Livingston
student interest
Fri May 29, 2015 20:02

Yes you are right. Students with ASD are some of the most unique and awesome kids that I have ever worked with. One thing to keep in mind when trying to teach or reach students by using their "interest" is it can often result in behaviors and or a stemming issue. My students who are not diagnosed with ASD if presented with material related to their interest is they become dependent on that and then will not work for anything else. One of my students with ASD will stem off of the items and will become unable to work because of the characters on the page.

  • This week I learned that each ASD individual is unique. The autism spectrum is broad. Therefore, when teaching an ASD student, I might experience a lot of trial and error until I find what works best ... more
    • Inexplicable Gaps.. - miloshcl, Sun May 31 08:45
      It's a very good question you ask about the noted difference in comprehension between reading out loud and silently for kids with ASD. I read and discussed with my group a little bit about these gaps ... more
    • importance of I can - catheyt, Sat May 30 20:16
      I agree with you about the importance of keeping an "I can" environment for all students. I think it is important to not place our judgment of ability on these students and see each as an individual. ... more
      • Labeling hurts ASD students - tatem1, Sat May 30 23:05
        Well said! I agree, we are all guilty of labeling. It is hard not to but vital to continually work against doing so. For example, once a student misbehaves a few continuous times, he or she becomes... more
    • Re - "I can" - Chelsea King, Sat May 30 17:33
      I couldn't agree with you more that each individual with ASD is extremely unique. No two students are the same, but especially those with ASD. In addition the Autism Spectrum is extremely broad and... more
    • Reply to "I can" - parsonkl, Sat May 30 15:25
      I agree with your post. This is many of the same thoughts that I had while reading these articles and watching these videos. I have now been exposed to many ideas and questions that I have never... more
    • Unique - Stacy Huffman, Sat May 30 12:36
      You are so right in what you said about "what works for one student might not work for another student." We do need to tie into our students special interests when we can and be flexible in our... more
    • Yes, they can - Britt Hatcher, Sat May 30 12:11
      I was thinking about the same thing with the reading comprehension. I wonder if the lack of connection has to do with when they read it out loud they can actually hear what they are reading versus... more
      • visual abilities + reading aloud - tatem1, Sat May 30 22:45
        Yes, I believe that probably factors into it. I can see how hearing yourself say something can help with comprehension. Many ASD students are very visual; therefore, saying things aloud versus... more
    • Response to tatem1 - brownrf, Sat May 30 09:59
      I think you definitely made a strong point, all students with ASD are so different! How do we even know where to begin with teaching these individuals? I think it is important to stay positive and to ... more
    • Broad Spectrum - Amanda Wallace, Sat May 30 09:40
      Yes the spectrum is broad. I would have liked to see more of the studies in the articles broadened to see the affects. I thought it was really interesting when watching the videos to actuals see how... more
      • spectrum - tatem1, Sat May 30 22:31
        The videos did show how wide the spectrum is. For example, I would have never guessed Chris Varney had ASD. I found the videos very interesting and helpful. I learned different techniques and the... more
    • I also wonder, "Why is there sometimes a gap in comprehension between the two reading methods?" I think that it has something to do with brain development and how each person develops at different... more
    • "I can" approach - Angie Helton, Fri May 29 21:51
      I really enjoyed listening to Chris talk about the "I can" approach. The ASD individual each have their own style of learning and to me it is important to be sure to focus on what the student can do... more
    • Reading Aloud/Silently - Sonya Summey, Fri May 29 20:50
      I do not have an answer to your question about why there is a gap in comprehension for the two methods of reading; however, I do think that both are beneficial. Practicing both will help any student, ... more
      • benefit to reading aloud - tatem1, Fri May 29 23:18
        I agree that both reading silently and aloud are beneficial for different reasons. I would assume reading aloud is more beneficial because you practice verbal skills, a skill that some ASD students... more
        • Such a hard decision! - Allison Powers, Fri May 29 23:49
          It seems like this is one of those questions that never really has a concrete answer. I feel like it would depend on the personality of the individual. If you know that the student is easily... more
          • connecting and building trust - tatem1, Sat May 30 00:03
            This is so true as well. I agree that we have to know our students' personalities and not force them to do something they dread. Instead, we should find another way to help them learn and practice... more
    • student interest - Lauren Livingston, Fri May 29 20:02
      • student interest - Stacy Huffman, Sat May 30 12:39
        Lauren, I so agree with you in regards to student interest. I think that teaching students using things that relate to their interests is vital to their success. And you are right, this works with... more
      • Reply to Lauren Livingston - Alexandria Spurrier, Sat May 30 10:23
        I liked this approach to teaching students with ASD. I have never taught my own students, but in my Block 1 classroom there were 2 students who had autism and they definitely loved reading books that ... more
      • drawback of using "special interest" - tatem1, Fri May 29 23:25
        Thanks for your reply. I had not thought of how using an ASD student's interest to teach them could back fire in the long run. You gave me something new to think about. I guess it would be better to... more
        • it's not black and white - koppenhaverd, Mon Jun 1 15:15
          It's not a question of using interests or not using interests to keep kids with ASD engaged. You saw enough students in the videos this week, I hope, to recognize that while they share some... more
      • Reply to Lauren - Choices/Interests - brigmanhd, Fri May 29 21:51
        This is so interesting to read, we talked a little about student choice in our group discussion. I'm a fan of "The Book Whisperer" by Donalyn Miller (in theory since I haven't put it into practice... more
        • students' interests - tatem1, Fri May 29 23:40
          I have read excerpts of Mrs. Miller's book and also found it very interesting, motivating, and useful. I believe that there should be a balance between student and teacher choice. If my teacher... more
          • Reply to Tatem - Student Interests - brigmanhd, Sat May 30 10:45
            Yes, I agree. I think balance is key! Otherwise, some students would not be motivated to explore other genres. I also agree that Carl excelled when given a choice. In my group discussion, we talked... more
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