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Lauren Livingston
Fri May 29, 2015 20:27

Choices are your best friend when engaging and teaching students with disabilities an academic lesson. I am a teacher in a public separate school for students with moderate to severe disabilities. Often times my students are not willing to participate and become frustrated with academics. When I implement choices even if they are structured choices then students are 95% more willing to participate and learn more willingly. Students like to feel that empowerment and know that what they are doing matters.

  • Balanced Literacy - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Fri May 29 15:55
    One thing I learned from this week’s assignment is how important it is to give our students choice and use a balanced literacy approach when it comes to literacy instruction. Student choice will... more
    • Re-Balanced Literacy-Self Discovery - Rebecca McVey, Sun May 31 00:18
      Self discovery, I love this idea. How will it work in a modern classroom? Do we have time for this with high steaks standardized tests deal with? I think this concept although challenging is so... more
    • Reply to Tracy - Maggie Horne, Sat May 30 15:11
      Tracy, this is a great question. It is extremely important to give our students a choice of what they read and to use a balanced literacy approach. I have seen this done successfully with one... more
    • reply balanced literacy - rognstadgr, Sat May 30 10:35
      This is a very good question. I took a reading instruction class last semester. We learned, in order to have effective reading instruction 40% of the language arts block should be dedicated to... more
    • Choices - Lauren Livingston, Fri May 29 20:27
    • Great Question about balanced literacy - Jordan Seagraves, Fri May 29 17:42
      I think you raise a very interesting question. I also know what it looks like in a regular classroom, but what does it look like when teaching an ASD student to read? I don't know the answer to this... more
    • Re: Balanced Literacy - hinesjd, Fri May 29 17:22
      I love that you mentioned letting students discover things on their own. Trial and error is very important at the beginning stages of literacy because students will formulate a hypothesis about how a ... more
    • Re: Balanced Literary - bennettmc, Fri May 29 16:40
      Hi Tracy, Great thoughts. I also learned this from this week too! As far as student choice, there is a good balance between student control and teacher control. Although I am not a teacher, I would... more
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