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Angie Helton
Connor's cues
Fri May 29, 2015 22:05

Our group talked about the cues that the teacher let Connor use when he had questions about his work, and who he should ask. Should he go back and reread, ask one of his classmates, or ask his teacher? Sarah, in our group, brought up the point that asking his classmates could lead to a distraction to the other students. I didn't even think about this. Although I think the teacher has a good approach when working with Connor, I think it could be distracting to the other classmates as well. My question is, how can the teacher implement this for Connor without having the distractions to the class? Maybe have a designated time period that allows him to ask his peers and the rest of the time is off-limits? Suggestions?

  • Theories - Amanda Wallace, Fri May 29 09:27
    After reading the articles and watching the videos, i learned that it takes so much patience and understanding to work with people who have ASD. I also found the article Linking Cognition and... more
    • Connor's cues - Angie Helton, Fri May 29 22:05
      • Connor & Classmates - brawleyeo, Fri May 29 22:33
        I also wondered about Connor asking his classmates for help. I was curious if maybe there was a certain number of times he could ask a classmate a question; because if he keeps getting up to ask... more
        • Re: Connor & Classmates - Erica Phelps, Fri May 29 23:36
          I wondered about this too. I was also wondering if Conner would even feel comfortable asking a classmate for help. Often, individuals with ASD feel uncomfortable in social situations and I have seen... more
    • Theories of Cognitive Processing - Jean Milton, Fri May 29 10:55
      I also liked the examples they used with Connor to better illustrate the theories. I also agree that patience is a skill you must have with students with ASD because the cluster of symptoms each... more
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