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Introduction reply 1
Mon May 25, 2015 20:33

Hi Mary. I loved reading your introduction. I am glad to see you love high school so much. I am considering high school and elementary school but have always leaned more towards high school. It's always good to hear positive things about students that age group.

  • Introduction - carsleymm, Mon May 25 20:17
    My name is Mary Carsley and I am a second year special education teacher. I work with high school students and absolutely love it! My students are as unique as any group of eight teenagers and I love ... more
    • Reply - K. Madison Broome, Wed May 27 23:07
      Hey Mary! It is so awesome to have so much experience teaching! I bet that you will have a lot to contribute to the rest of us! I have heard about TEACCH techniques but don't know much about it. I... more
    • Introduction reply 1 - hinesjd, Mon May 25 20:33
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