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Erica Phelps
Re: Connor & Classmates
Fri May 29, 2015 23:36

I wondered about this too. I was also wondering if Conner would even feel comfortable asking a classmate for help. Often, individuals with ASD feel uncomfortable in social situations and I have seen students that do not interact with their peers because of this. Using classmates as a resource would not actually be beneficial for Conner unless he was comfortable asking a peer for help in the first place.

  • Connor & Classmates - brawleyeo, Fri May 29 22:33
    I also wondered about Connor asking his classmates for help. I was curious if maybe there was a certain number of times he could ask a classmate a question; because if he keeps getting up to ask... more
    • Re: Connor & Classmates - Erica Phelps, Fri May 29 23:36
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