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Allison Powers
Such a hard decision!
Fri May 29, 2015 23:49

It seems like this is one of those questions that never really has a concrete answer. I feel like it would depend on the personality of the individual. If you know that the student is easily embarrassed, then struggling while reading aloud in front of the class could really bring him/her down. Once I again, I default to the importance of relationships with your students. If you form a strong bond with this individual then perhaps they would feel more comfortable reading aloud to you as opposed to the entire class. This way they could still work on verbal skills without the pressure of having all the ears in the class on them!

  • benefit to reading aloud - tatem1, Fri May 29 23:18
    I agree that both reading silently and aloud are beneficial for different reasons. I would assume reading aloud is more beneficial because you practice verbal skills, a skill that some ASD students... more
    • Such a hard decision! - Allison Powers, Fri May 29 23:49
      • connecting and building trust - tatem1, Sat May 30 00:03
        This is so true as well. I agree that we have to know our students' personalities and not force them to do something they dread. Instead, we should find another way to help them learn and practice... more
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