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defiance or disorder
Sat May 30, 2015 00:41

I have no experience with ASD students but if I had to guess I would say in general, the disorder is the main culprit. The disorder amplifies the defiance. Of course every kid is different. However, I think until we get to know the student better, we should have the mindset that it is the disorder causing most of what seems like defiance. This way we prevent ourselves from placing our energy on behavior issues instead of teaching and finding ways to best help the student learn.

  • Re: ASD Characteristic? - McKenzi Davis, Fri May 29 11:54
    This is something that was discussed within my group- is it the disorder that is causing them to be off focus, or is it defiance? I think that this is something that we, as teachers, will have to... more
    • defiance or disorder - tatem1, Sat May 30 00:41
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