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RE: Believe in the Possibilities
Sat May 30, 2015 09:22

I agree with you in that we need to encourage our students everyday and make sure they know we have confidence in them. I benefited greatly from teachers who told me I could do it even though I has zero confidence in myself. With their pushing and confidence in me, I accomplished things I didn't think we possible. This is all going to be trial and error I think, but once we reach the child they can only take off in learning from there.

  • Believe in the Possibilities - Allison Powers, Fri May 29 23:44
    After completing module 1, the main thing I found myself thinking about was our responsibility as a teacher to believe in our students. It was an encouragement to me to be reminded that we can make a ... more
    • reply to Allison - Hunter Hastings, Sat May 30 18:28
      What a good reminder it is that we, as teachers, get to be one of students biggest encouragers. I often think about pursuing other areas of special ed, like speech pathology or occupational therapy.... more
    • Reply - parsonkl, Sat May 30 15:07
      Believing in all students and individuals is a big responsibility that we must remember. We can't expect our students to succeed if they don't feel like we believe in them. We should help students... more
    • Reply to Allison - Maggie Horne, Sat May 30 14:51
      Allison, this is so important when working with students. I have seen many teachers throughout my school career and in my practicum experiences who don't believe that forming relationships with their ... more
    • yes! - Stacy Huffman, Sat May 30 12:31
      Allison you are so right! I agree 100% that we need to believe in our students. I love what you said about building relationships. I feel that this is vital to being a successful teacher! We have to... more
    • Support Network - carsleymm, Sat May 30 12:29
      I like our post...Building relations is VITAL in any classroom, but especially with students with disabilities.
    • Stated so well - Britt Hatcher, Sat May 30 11:25
      You stated that very well! We have a responsibility, as teachers, to each of each of the students that we teach, but we have an even greater responsibility to those on the spectrum. We may not know... more
    • reply believe in possibilities - rognstadgr, Sat May 30 10:43
      I couldn't have said it better. This is so important! Remembering that our students are as capable as they believe they are, and it is our job to believe in them and give them endless encouragement.... more
    • Reply to Allison Powers - Hayden Porter, Sat May 30 10:38
      You made a great point, Allison. We truly do have a deep and lasting responsibility to our students to teach and inspire them to reach their greatest potential. So it's important for us to be... more
    • Response to Allison - brownrf, Sat May 30 09:55
      I completely agree with your statement. As teachers we must push our students to achieve their greatest potential as individuals. We also need to make sure we are constantly encouraging and having... more
    • Possibilities - Amanda Wallace, Sat May 30 09:50
      I agree with you. As teachers we need to believe in the possibilities. Our students need encouragement. We can make a difference in our students life, as long as they know we believe in them and we... more
    • RE: Believe in the Possibilities - hildebranak, Sat May 30 09:22
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