Mon May 25, 2015 21:03

Dr. K, It sounds like you have a wide range of experience working with this population: from prek to adult. I look forward to learning more about ASD students an teaching them to read and write. I have seen so many more of students with this diagnosis in the classroom and definitely don't think I have been given the tools to truly meet the needs of these students.

  • Dave Koppenhaver intro - koppenhaverd, Wed May 13 13:34
    I'm one of the two instructors of this new course. Years ago I taught middle grades language arts in Oxford, NC. Since then in either research studies, camps, or campuses, I've taught preschoolers,... more
    • Reply to Koppenhaver Experience - miloshcl, Tue May 26 12:20
      I would love to hear more about that very first teaching experience with preschoolers with ASD, Dr. Koppenhaver! That is a population I am extremely interested in working with in the near future and... more
    • experience - catheyt, Mon May 25 21:03
      • don't undersell yourself - koppenhaverd, Tue May 26 11:15
        Tavia, Knowing your work and a little about your teaching from previous classes, I bet you're underselling what you know. I look forward to learning with you again. And you're almost done!
    • Mary Bennett Introduction - bennettmc, Mon May 25 16:24
      Hey everyone. I am sure many of you will find this surprising but I am actually not a teacher or pursuing a degree in teaching. Therefore, my perspectives, understandings, and questions may be a... more
      • Re: Mary Bennett Introduction - Marcela Tate, Tue May 26 23:43
        Mary, You will definitely have a unique and valuable perspective!
      • Reply to Mary - miloshcl, Tue May 26 13:00
        That is amazing that you're taking this course from a different perspective and with perhaps some different goals! I think that is such a great idea to tie this content in teaching individuals with... more
      • careful the level you post - koppenhaverd, Tue May 26 11:13
        Mary, your post appears as a reply to my intro because you replied to it instead of the message thread. Look forward to your contributions from a different perspective. Teaching and social work are... more
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