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Britt Hatcher
That is a good question
Sat May 30, 2015 11:18

That is a really good question. I think one idea would have sort of visual, whatever it maybe, to guide them through the big picture of the reading. I think to get them interested in other things that it is going to take time. Slowly showing them things that are related to the interest that they have and branching out from there. All of this is going to take time and patience, and although in a classroom setting of 20+ kids this would be difficult, I think that it is important to still take time with them.

  • "Bigger Idea" Question - lavertyse, Thu May 28 10:21
    One question my group came up with was how do we help students pull away from the details and start to see the big picture when reading? The articles went in depth about how the students get... more
    • That is a good question - Britt Hatcher, Sat May 30 11:18
    • Getting Lost in the Details - Jean Milton, Fri May 29 10:25
      I remember Dr. Schlagal talking about this, but he wasn't addressing students with ASD specifically. I remember him saying that sometimes when students are reading and they have this deficit to do... more
      • Getting Lost-Re-Jean - Rebecca McVey, Sat May 30 23:25
        Jean, I like what you said about asking relevant questions. I remember talking about the idea of "text talk" in one of my reading classes. Instead of asking questions like "what color was" or "what... more
    • Re: "Bigger Idea" Question - Karley Ingold, Fri May 29 10:10
      I think that in order to solve this problem lots of tools need to be used in combination with one another to help support each other. For example you might start with visuals or pictures of the main... more
    • Repetition May Be Used - whitemb2, Fri May 29 08:52
      See this is where I believe repetition can play a part. I like to use the same text for the week and come back to it and focus on a different concept each time. One day we might focus on the... more
    • graphic organizers - catheyt, Thu May 28 23:09
      I think one way to help these students to focus on the big picture is to use graphic organizers to help them visually see and organize their thinking a bout their reading. I liked the example the... more
      • reply: using graphic organizers - macdonaldke, Fri May 29 15:47
        I think using graphic organizers is a really good idea to help students see the main ideas and the supporting details. Have you ever seen those "sandwich" organizers? They have sections representing... more
        • I don't know section - catheyt, Sat May 30 19:52
          Thats a good idea to have a section for" I don't know" s. Then after you conference with the chid there could be another section for what they learned and maybe even connections they could make from... more
    • Visualization - luckadooso, Thu May 28 16:27
      I think that visual aids would be extremely helpful here. Story maps would be a useful way to help students to see how details fit into a larger story. Maybe drawing different scenes or characters... more
      • Re: visualization - Cynthia Trickel, Fri May 29 11:40
        Having visual aids as part of the lesson is a great point! I agree that the use of visuals is extremely helpful. Students can more easily make a connection to words or stories when they have a visual ... more
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