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reply ASD characteristics
Sat May 30, 2015 11:34

In most of the videos it did seem that the students were in full control or even possible "acting out." However, I noticed even though their teachers seem to be letting them do whatever they what, they were gently guiding them towards their goals. By letting the students have some control over the situation it involves them in the process of their education rather than a battle of "this is what you have to do and I'm here to make you do it." My question would be how do we find this balance? How do we know when to say thats enough? Great start to a long conversation!
Also, I just wanted to let you know, within the special education community we try to practice the concept of person first language. This concepts puts the individual before the disability when speaking and writing. For example, I wouldn't say a disabled man, I would say a man with a disability. This shows that the man is seen as more than just his disability. I don't want you to think I am gripping! I also had to be told this and i just want to spend awareness!

  • ASD Characteristic? - parsonkl, Fri May 29 11:26
    I have had little experience with individuals with autism, and know little about ASD characteristics. I noticed that in the videos, it seemed like the ASD individuals from the video liked to be in... more
    • Balancing Act - carsleymm, Sat May 30 12:32
      When I have worked with students diagnosed with ASD, I felt like I was always balancing what I wanted them to do with what they wanted to do. Some of my students were so easily frustrated that a... more
    • Response to parsonkl - brownrf, Sat May 30 11:37
      I think that individuals with ASD do have many similar characteristics but they also are very different. I think as teachers when a student is being "stubborn" it is important for us to keep our cool ... more
    • reply ASD characteristics - rognstadgr, Sat May 30 11:34
    • ASD characteristic - Lauren Livingston, Fri May 29 20:43
      Students with Autism often times have a difficult time with sensory overload. Students with Autism are able to hear, feel and see things that we may not be able to understand but are very distracting ... more
    • Re: ASD Characteristic? - hinesjd, Fri May 29 17:43
      Great question. This is my opinion on the matter: Obviously each individual case is unique just as every person is, but in my experience with ASD, it has been a common characteristic. While ASD does... more
    • Re: ASD Characteristic? - McKenzi Davis, Fri May 29 11:54
      This is something that was discussed within my group- is it the disorder that is causing them to be off focus, or is it defiance? I think that this is something that we, as teachers, will have to... more
      • defiance or disorder - tatem1, Sat May 30 00:41
        I have no experience with ASD students but if I had to guess I would say in general, the disorder is the main culprit. The disorder amplifies the defiance. Of course every kid is different. However,... more
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