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Re: Different Perspective
Sat May 30, 2015 12:13

I completely agree with you Ali. I think that teachers sometimes forget to realize the different perspectives of their students. I feel like educators sometimes get into a routine year after year of teaching and going about things in a certain way. And I found that these articles and videos have shown that we cannot continue to stay in that groove. I think as effective teachers of students with ASD and all students that we must find what works best for each new group of kids that we get that year and cater to their individual needs. So like you said, we must remember that students with ASD often see things differently and then it is our job to meet them where they are and try to complement their visual learning strengths and so on.

  • "Different Perspective" - Ali Carr, Sat May 30 12:00
    After reading the articles and watching the videos, one thing that I really took away from it was looking from a different perspective. I think that as educators sometimes we often focus on what... more
    • Understanding how they understand - miloshcl, Sun May 31 08:32
      I think the message you took away from the videos and the articles is one of extreme importance, Ali. The speakers and authors almost all mentioned how differently the minds of individuals with ASD... more
    • Reply - parsonkl, Sat May 30 15:12
      Ali, this is a good idea to take away from these articles and videos. I feel that we must always remember our goal when teaching students with ASD. Our goal is for them to learn, grow, and succeed.... more
    • Build on Understandings - coxdm, Sat May 30 14:37
      I agree with you Ali, that it is important to take into consideration the many different perspectives that our students have to offer. When thinking about what a student is doing wrong, it can help... more
    • I agree - Stacy Huffman, Sat May 30 12:28
      Ali it is interesting to thing about our students viewing things from a different perspective. We so often do find ourselves simply thinking that our students just aren't getting something when in... more
    • Re: Different Perspective - andersenal, Sat May 30 12:13
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