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Nicholas Flippen
Student Choice
Sat May 30, 2015 13:23

In most of the discussions that happened in my study group, I think they all went back to the idea of giving students with ASD choice when it comes to their reading and writing instruction. In the videos with Jordan, it was very important that he be given a choice of what he reads, what he writes, and how he writes it. In the videos with Edgar, it was very important the also be given a lot of choice when it comes to what he reads and how much he reads.

When giving literacy instruction to students with ASD, do you guys think it is important to give them freedom and choice in what they read, how they read it, and how they are assessed on it? Where do you draw the line between what is appropriate and when the student has too much control?

  • Nation et al Article - Nicholas Flippen, Sat May 30 13:14
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    • Student Choice - Nicholas Flippen, Sat May 30 13:23
      • Choice-Nick-Reply - Rebecca McVey, Sat May 30 23:09
        Your question has so many "what if's." By this I mean that I feel that the answer depends upon each individual's situation. I love the idea of letting each child read whatever they want to, but I... more
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