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Nicholas Flippen
RE: What I took away from the articles
Sat May 30, 2015 16:27

I think you took away some of the biggest ideas from all of the articles and videos. I too took the same things away from the materials. Students with ASD often struggle with reading comprehension, which leads some to believe in the presence of hyperlexia in individuals with ASD. Also, students with ASD lack certain social understandings that hinder their comprehension of stories. Also, students with ASD are very focused on small details and often times miss the big picture. Why do you think that is? What about a student with ASD makes them unable to see the big picture? Is this related to their disability?

What do you think we as future and practicing teachers can do to help make reading comprehension meaningful to our students with ASD?

  • What I took away from the articles - Jordan Seagraves, Fri May 29 17:53
    The biggest things I took away from the articles were the fact that children with autism may appear to be able to read but really most of the time they struggle with comprehending. They usually... more
    • Reply to Seagraves - Hayden Porter, Sat May 30 23:58
      Jordan, you are so right when it comes to the importance of patience. Not only is this key to helping our students achieve success, but in allowing ourselves the time to figure out how the best learn ... more
    • RE: What I took away from the articles - Nicholas Flippen, Sat May 30 16:27
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