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Stacy huffman
Reply to coxdm
Sat May 30, 2015 16:38

I do use picture symbols daily in my room. My struggle is teaching my non-verbal students to read because the challenge lies in ensuring that they have a good phonemic awareness. This is difficult to assess in a non verbal student. Technology is a great tool I have found that you just have to be cautious as students can become obsessed with, for example, the iPad and transitioning away can lead to a meltdown.

  • High Expectation/ Picture Communication - coxdm, Sat May 30 13:18
    I completely agree with you Stacy that it is important for us to hold our students to high expectations. I feel as if even when we push our students beyond what they believe they are capable of, they ... more
    • non-verbal students - koppenhaverd, Mon Jun 1 14:57
      The current terminology is "students with complex communication needs." The field developed to address this complexity and develop ways to assist communication in people who cannot talk is... more
    • Reply to coxdm - Stacy huffman, Sat May 30 16:38
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