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Nicholas Flippen
RE: McKenzi
Sat May 30, 2015 16:44

McKenzi, I think you've asked some very good and important questions! I am not a practicing teacher, but in my experience with working with students that have disabilities, more specifically ASD and AS, explicit instruction seems to be very effective. Explicit instruction is exactly what it sounds like. You explicitly teach what it is you are wanting the student to gain from something. For example, the idea of introducing a story that explicitly teaches reading comprehension skills and introduces important vocabulary such as plot, setting, characters, etc. is a great way to explicitly instruct these students. Also, there are ways to explicitly teach inferencing skills to students with ASD and AS. This may need to be done in a separate setting to keep from embarrassing the students, but the teacher could also do it with the whole class so that everyone is working together. As far as allowing the students to read aloud without being embarrassed and distracting other students, there are a couple of ways you could handle that. If space allowed, you could try and find a separate setting for students who need to read aloud. If this isn't an option for you, you may have to just talk to the class about the importance of supporting your classmates, and that not everyone learns the same as others. If your classroom environment is set up in a way that doesn't tolerate bullying and promotes the support of one another, then you can eliminate a lot of these issues.

  • ASD Reading Classroom - McKenzi Davis, Thu May 28 14:53
    One of the articles that we read talked about Asperbergers and how students with AS cannot successfully function in the "normal" classroom or the "traditional" classroom where reading is taught and... more
    • RE: McKenzi - Nicholas Flippen, Sat May 30 16:44
    • Reply to: ASD Reading Classroom - Angie Helton, Fri May 29 22:11
      You've raised some very good questions. I'm interested in finding out these things as well. I think talking to the student with AS individually, like a personal interview type thing, will help see... more
    • Reading Aloud in the Classroom - Erica Phelps, Fri May 29 10:06
      McKenzi, I had the same question about reading aloud when reading the articles and watching the videos. Of course this would depend a lot on the student because ASD does occur on a spectrum and so... more
    • Re: ASD Reading Classroom - Anonymous, Fri May 29 10:06
      McKenzi, I had the same question about reading aloud when reading the articles and watching the videos. Of course this would depend a lot on the student because ASD does occur on a spectrum and so... more
      • Re: ASD Reading Classroom - McKenzi Davis, Fri May 29 11:52
        One thing that I've consistently read about and discussed with my group is the significance of a positive and tight- knit classroom environment. I think that this is important for all students so... more
    • Reply to McKenzi Davis-ASD Reading Classroom - hillaryyarbrough, Fri May 29 06:37
      This is a very good point. Differentiation is very important but I like how you brought up the point of making the classroom a comfortable and safe environment for students with ASD to feel... more
    • Re: ASD Reading Classroom - lavertyse, Thu May 28 18:30
      I think that doing guided reading where the teacher pre-plans stopping points to check for understanding and comprehension would help in this situation. I can see some sort of reading rotation... more
    • Possible Approach - whitemb2, Thu May 28 17:29
      I can understand that students with ASD and any other disability, find it embarrassing to read while a class is in session. They always look at me funny when I ask them to read louder so that I may... more
      • Reply to: Possible Approach - Angie Helton, Fri May 29 22:31
        I like your strategy. Working in small groups seems to be what many of our schools use. It gives the students a chance to work with others, and to work with others who may be different than... more
      • Text Talk? - Rachel Caldwell, Fri May 29 12:24
        I love how you have been able to work with your students to see that they are doing what they need to do in order for them to succeed. This is so great. How did you work with them to get to that... more
      • Re: Possible Approach - Karley Ingold, Thu May 28 21:27
        I loved learning about Text Talks in my reading class this past semester so it makes me happy to hear that students enjoy them as well. i think it is a great way to involve all of the students in a... more
      • Re: Possible Approach - McKenzi Davis, Thu May 28 21:00
        Thats an awesome idea for inferencing with elementary students. I know that early aged students rely heavily on pictures so that they can understand the texts. After all, students begin reading many... more
      • Approach ideas - luckadooso, Thu May 28 19:17
        This post was very informative and gave me a lot of really great ideas! Thanks for posting. When splitting students into small groups, do you do so by ability level or just in general? I love the... more
        • Re: Approach ideas - McKenzi Davis, Thu May 28 21:06
          Yeah, a story map is something like what I was thinking to have students do in order to keep up with what is occurring in the story. But, somehow making it more than just writing down the facts of... more
    • Differentiation daily - luckadooso, Thu May 28 16:05
      I think all of your points are very valid, especially when it comes to meeting the needs of students with AS in our classrooms. I think that crewing an understanding and nonjudgmental classroom... more
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