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Hunter Hastings
reply to comprehending text
Sat May 30, 2015 18:42

I agree that self-correction and re-reading are good skills to teach all students. I think that these are important for any student to learn, especially students with disabilities that may have trouble with focus and comprehension. I have to consistently re-read pages of articles, and books because I get easily distracted for whatever reason. I am excited to learn strategies in how to teach these skills.

  • Comprehending text - luckadooso, Thu May 28 17:02
    I think that the skills of self-correction and re-reading are good skills to teach all students, even students with ASD who are struggling with comprehension. I don't think that "practice makes... more
    • Chronicle order through Pictures - coxdm, Sat May 30 19:23
      I love the idea of using visuals to help students create a concrete way to see the story how it happens. This could help integrate creativity into the classroom by allowing the students to draw their ... more
      • Picture Ideas - miloshcl, Sun May 31 13:09
        I love those strategies! I haven't personally used a similar program but I think it makes so much sense to use other ways of interacting with text to engage learners with ASD. If their mind works in... more
    • reply to comprehending text - Hunter Hastings, Sat May 30 18:42
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